Introduction about Tan Hue Vien – Soc Trang stop system

Being established in 1982, Tan Hue Vien Food Processing Co., Ltd is now specialized in processing and trading Pia Pastry, representative for promoting the traditional value effectively and the pioneer improving food produce technology.


Tan Hue Vien Sale supermarket are, superficies 8ha

Being located along the national road 1A crossing Soc Trang province, Tan Hue Vien stop system includes: parking area, shopping area, souvenir area, guest house, hi -class restaurants area, process factory area…everyday Tan Hue Vien welcomes over 2000 guests stop to visit and buy souvenirs. To the present scale, besides the business, Tan Hue Vien also creates more than local 500 employees, contributes positively to the society building.

Especially, in recent years, Tan Hue Vien also promotes the production of export. Trademark Vietnam has satisfied many international consumers.


Security surveillance Requirement

Tan Hue Vien has six main zones with distinctly missions and extremely important to be closely monitored day and night, especially for security and protection of property.

With a large number of customers each day, it is impossible to avoid some unexpected circumstances or stealing assets. In order to monitor the commodity on the shelves, the cashier areas, the parking area, the visitors department, the processing operation in the factory, the input- output commodity procedure…in addition, the distant surveillance, easily zoom or control by mobile devices, combines to the alarm in the necessary places when finding out the suspection or unnormal things are also the problems Tan Hue Vien client especially concerns about.

Surveillance requirement of the investor was satisfied entirely by IP AVTECH camera and recording system, the important factors extremely satisfy the client should be mentioned : special features such as WDR, PTZ, detection and warning, clear surveillance quality, optimum storage and cost savings solution


The whole scene of pastry testing and cashier area

The first- period system invest 230 IP AVTECH cameras, but 200 AVM403P 2.0 megapixel responding the faithful Full HD images quality and easily monitoring, are chosen to monitor the closed food processing procedure to ensure the right standard, specially the part applied modern producing line, totally by machines. With the new model Solid light led, the day night observation is not only easy but also clarity and honest to perfect.

The cashier area, the products exhibit and the visitors welcoming area are closely monitored with more than 20 AVM521AP 2.0 megapixel cameras, truly Full HD images, new model Solid light led monitoring day night, smart light equalizing function WDR, easily monitor the direct light areas (daylight outsight and dark indoor) such as: entrance door- window nearby-high voltage light…


The exhibit and selling area are closely supervised

The entrance gates, parking areas, waiting area are settled with 10 Speed Dome IP AVM583P 2.0 Megapixel Cameras producing clearly Full HD images, zoom lens is able to adjust observation focal length with optical zoom up to 20x, digital zoom up to 16x and automatically focus to look at details in many different supervising environments, easily recognize car license, flexible viewing angle is customized by mobile device. AVM583P is supported by equalizing WDR technology smart light, helping to adjust the light intensity in extremely bright or dark area  generating clear beautiful images. Especially, AVM583P is capable of tracking target when the manager detects any suspicious object.

The system includes 15 professional IP recording AVH516A produce truly Full HD images, easily playback  as well as searching, enormous capacity up to 3 hardwares (volume of each is 4TB ), all of data is stored for over 1 month serving to many different requirements from Tan Hue Vien. Besides, when the client desires to extend the storage time, he also adds the optional driver tray outside of Disk Array through eSata gate, up to 12 drivers possibly and more depending on the supply of Disk Array equipment.                                                

The whole system is used PoE solution so as to minimize saving investment cost, it is easier in setting, limiting and saving wire cost more than the traditional wire source.

In addition to the great advantages, the IP AVTECH camera and recording has high sense of design, when installing in Tan Hue Vien does not affect the architecture space, it guarantees safety and increases the profession; that helps customers feel more comfortable when visiting and shopping in Tan Hue Vien.


The project is by BAO MINH EQUIPMENT CO,. LTD- 75 Quan Su, Ward 11, Dist.11, HCM City, phone (08) 38314181- AVTECH products dealer of Songnhac in VN.


AVTECH commits the best support for dealer to do project.

Please contact Email: kimoanh@songnhacgroup.com


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