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Monday, 20/07/2015, 14:41 GMT+7
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It is assured that Song Nhac distribute AVTECH cameras with their right brand name, import whole product from Taiwan. Therefore, they can ensure the quality and high stability.


Policy of returning and exchanging products

When Customers buy camera products, recording and camera accessories for surveillance system, Song Nhac will support to return or exchange if products having fault result from manufacturer ( for other cases, it is not allowed to return or exchange.)


Limited time for returning and exchanging error products:

-     Within 7 days (to areas around Hochiminh city)

-     Maximum 15 days to other areas


Delivery policy:

To other areas in the city, delivery policy will follow Song Nhac company condition.

To province areas, Song Nhac Company will ship through “ Chành Xe” or by forwarder Customers provided.


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